How to Reschedule a Job Interview

When the unexpected happens, you may need to request a new date and time for a job interview. Learn how to reschedule an interview without burning bridges.
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  • It's OK to reschedule a job interview if something unexpected comes up.
  • If you need to reschedule, let the interviewer know as soon as possible.
  • You can ask to reschedule an interview by phone or email (or both).
  • Try to be flexible when rescheduling — consider what's convenient for both you and the prospective employer.

Job interviews can be exciting, nerve-wracking, and unpredictable. As much as you prepare for the in-person or remote interrogation, you can never be 100% certain you'll land the job, even with the best preparation.

Now, imagine setting up an important interview only to realize you have to reschedule. Will they still consider you for the job? Can you redeem yourself for this unanticipated change in plans — or have you completely blown your chances?

After all, it's unlikely you're the only person the company is considering. Today, employers interview 6-10 people on average per job opening.

Knowing how to effectively reschedule a job interview can help alleviate any apprehension surrounding this awkward (but reasonable) request.

The key is to be professional and polite, clearly demonstrating to the hiring manager what kind of employee you'd be should they decide to hire you.

Reasons to Reschedule an Interview

  • Feeling Ill or Experiencing COVID-19 Symptoms: Not only could you be a risk to others, but you won't likely be at your best if you're feeling under the weather. Once you're on the mend, promptly reach out to reschedule the interview.
  • Transportation Issues: Be it a flat tire or incredibly bad traffic, a transportation holdup could make you late for your interview. If you can, find another way to get there, such as by getting a friend to drive you. As soon as you realize you're not going to arrive at your interview on time, contact the hiring manager to reschedule.
  • Technology Problems: Remote interviews require a reliable internet connection. Whether you're experiencing a power outage or your computer or smart device simply isn't cooperating, contact the hiring manager to reschedule. Always check your internet connection well before your remote interview time to avoid scrambling at the last minute.
  • Inclement Weather: Weather forecasts are handy, but there's no stopping mother nature from wreaking havoc. If it's too dangerous to travel to your interview due to bad weather, the hiring manager should understand why you need to reschedule.
  • Personal or Family Emergency: We can't plan for illnesses, injuries, and accidents. When they happen, your whole schedule can get thrown off course. A good hiring manager should be willing to accommodate your emergency request to reschedule the interview.
  • Change in Work Schedule: If there's no way out of a sudden change that requires you to work at the time you originally planned your interview, explain the situation to the potential employer and reschedule the interview at your earliest convenience.
  • Another Opportunity Arises: Just when you're ready to tackle your interview, another one crosses your path. You might feel torn about what to do, but don't hide the truth from either employer — honesty is typically the best way to go. Explain why you'd like to interview for both jobs to determine where you'd fit in best.

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Reasons to Not Reschedule an Interview

  • Can't Commit to a New Time: You don't want to head toward that “third strike.” Be sure there's no chance you won't be able to make the newly rescheduled interview before you try to reschedule again.
  • Too Tired or Overslept: If you're not there at least 20 minutes early, you were already late in my opinion, and some employers will not allow you to interview, says Pat Roque, chief engagement officer at Rock on Success. Be sure to get a good night's sleep, set multiple alarm clocks, and drink some coffee if it helps.
  • Took a Wrong Turn: With GPS, it's easy to avoid getting lost these days. Plan your route to the interview location in advance. It might even help to do a practice run the day before.
  • Unprepared: Did you plan to cram all night to learn as much as possible about the company but instead binge-watched Netflix? Or maybe your suit is still at the dry cleaners. None of these are valid excuses for rescheduling an interview.
  • You “Ghosted”: If you didn't show up to the interview the first time around without any explanation, cut your losses and let this opportunity go. You're already in the doghouse with that company — no point in digging your hole deeper.
  • You Don't Want the Job: Don't waste their time, or yours, pursuing a role that you've mentally decided won't work even before you interview, stresses Roque. The same goes if you've already accepted another job offer.
  • Something Came Up: If it's not an emergency or something you can afford to skip, forget about it — the interview should be your No. 1 priority.

5 Simple Steps to Rescheduling an Interview

Follow the steps below to reschedule your job interview with ease and confidence.

Step 1: Ensure Your Reason Is Justifiable

Remember that it's perfectly OK to reschedule an interview due to circumstances outside your control. These include things like family emergencies, work obligations, and illness.

Step 2: Contact the Hiring Manager ASAP

A short-notice cancellation, such as on the day of the interview, can imply a lack of consideration on your part. Try to get in touch with the employer as soon as you know for sure you won't be able to make the scheduled interview, ideally at least a few days in advance.

Step 3: Politely Explain Why You Need to Reschedule

As you explain why you must reschedule the interview, make sure you're since, apologetic, and overall polite. Mention that you're aware you're inconveniencing the hiring manager.

Don't feel the need to go into explicit detail as to why you need to reschedule — be concise and maintain enthusiasm for the opportunity to interview.

Step 4: Suggest a New Time

As you and the hiring manager discuss a new time to meet for the interview, remain as flexible as possible. Remember, this second chance is a gift. Ask the hiring manager what would be most convenient for them, and try your best to work around it.

Step 5: Thank the Hiring Manager

As with any request, thank the hiring manager for their flexibility. Before you hang up, confirm the new interview date and time, and write it down in a calendar or set a reminder for yourself.

Email Template for Rescheduling an Interview

Use the template below to email a hiring manager with your request to reschedule an interview.

Subject: [Your Name] — Request to Reschedule Interview

Dear [Hiring Manager],

Thank you for the opportunity to interview for the position of [role] at [Company Name]. I am excited to learn more about the position and company.

Unfortunately, I am no longer able to meet at [date/time] due to [brief explanation]. I apologize for any inconvenience this may cause.

Would it be possible to reschedule the interview at your earliest convenience? I am available [dates/times]. Please let me know when you have time in your calendar.

I appreciate your flexibility, and thank you again for your consideration.


[Your Name]

After you send your request to reschedule, follow up with another email to the hiring manager thanking them for accommodating your request and confirming the new interview date and time.

Frequently Asked Questions About Rescheduling Job Interviews

Is it unprofessional to reschedule an interview?

In general, it is not considered unprofessional to reschedule a job interview, so long as you have a legitimate reason for needing to do so.

Life happens, and you'll have to weigh the actual importance of your excuse versus your interest in the role, says Roque. In this pandemic, we've had issues with unexpected diagnosis/COVID exposure, transportation glitches, and much more. Stay fluid, [and] add an extra hour upfront to whatever travel time you've planned to expect the unexpected.

How do you apologize for missing an interview?

Keep your apology to the point and polite. Demonstrate your eager interest in rescheduling at the interviewer's earliest convenience, suggests Roque. Make it clear that your missing the interview isn't indicative of your professionalism and that you made every effort to keep the interview as scheduled.

How do you ask for a second-chance interview?

Emphasize how enthusiastic you are to interview with the company. Be flexible in finding a make-up day and time, and try your best to align with the hiring manager's schedule.

If your original interview was supposed to be face-to-face, perhaps you could ask for a phone interview or Zoom call so you don't further delay the process. is an advertising-supported site. Featured or trusted partner programs and all school search, finder, or match results are for schools that compensate us. This compensation does not influence our school rankings, resource guides, or other editorially-independent information published on this site.

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